C. Bednarczyk

Our gallery is closed since September 1st 2017
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Man’s relationship to art is a constantly recurring theme. Even those who consider themselves conversant with it will constantly ask themselves the question, „what is this strange thing that is so unreal and yet so effective in reality; that transcends normal existence and yet touches the innermost part of our being so profoundly; so superfluous according to all practical criteria, and yet so indispensable to those whose life it has entered” (Romano Guardini). Art, this „strange thing“ touches, delights, and creates atmosphere through its aura and power. Art touches each of us in a very individual way.
My father Czeslaw Bednarczyk founded the gallery in 1962. It is my aspiration with all my great love of art and enthusiasm to continue running the gallery at a high level in the spirit of my father. In so doing, it is also my special ambition to accentuate the decorative arts with the significance that they deserve.